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Advancing Confidential Computing and its Ecosystem

June 5, 9:30 AM - 9:55 AM
Grand Ballroom Salon B

The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) plays a crucial role in promoting and advancing the field of Confidential Computing. This keynote delves into the recent activities of the CCC, highlights its open-source projects and members, and outlines upcoming plans. From this talk, you'll gain insights into how these developments can benefit you and your organization.

About the speaker

Mike Bursell

Mike Bursell

Executive Director, Confidential Computing Consortium, Confidential Computing Consortium

Mike Bursell is the Executive Director of the Confidential Computing Consortium. He is one of the co-founders of the Enarx project and was Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Profian, a start-up based on Enarx. He has previously served on the Governing Boards of the CCC and the Bytecode Alliance and currently holds advisory board roles with various start-ups.

Previous companies include Red Hat, Intel, and Citrix, where he held roles in security, virtualization, and networking. After training in software engineering, he specialized in distributed systems and security. He regularly speaks at industry events in Europe, North America, and APAC.

Professional interests include confidential computing, WebAssembly, Linux, trust, open source software, security, distributed systems, blockchain, and virtualization.

Mike earned his MA degree from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the Open University. He is the author of "Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud," which was published by Wiley. He holds over 100 patents and previously served on the Red Hat patent review committee.