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Architects of Trust: Fireside Chat with Industry Leaders

June 5, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Grand Ballroom Salon B

Join us for an engaging fireside chat moderated by Mark Bower, Vice President of Product at Anjuna, as he sits down with leaders from the financial services, blockchain, and security sectors to discuss their adoption and utilization of confidential computing technology.

This discussion will delve into critical questions such as the importance of security to their businesses and customers, their previous security strategies and limitations, and what drove their decision to embrace confidential computing. Learn firsthand how these leaders have simplified their business operations, accelerated innovation, and unlocked new opportunities in cutting-edge use cases, including multi-party collaboration, ML inference models, and wallet-as-a-service. Discover the unique advantages and impacts on development time and costs, as well as insights into its broader implications for like-minded companies struggling to secure their cloud-native business stacks. Don't miss this insightful discussion on securing the future of cloud computing!

About the speakers

Mark Bower

Mark Bower

Vice President of Product and Go-To-Market, Anjuna Security

Mark Bower is Vice President of Product and Go-To-Market at Anjuna Security, the leading multi-cloud confidential computing platform. Mark has two decades of experience at leading security companies in the U.S., Australia, U.K., and Germany. He is a noted expert in data protection, data privacy, and information risk reduction. Before joining Anjuna, where he owned product strategy for advanced confidential computing, he headed product and business strategy for Voltage Security (acquired by HPE) and the Atalla HSM business at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He most recently led product management for Amazon's payment cryptography business.

Justin Simonelis

Justin Simonelis

Director, Confidential Computing, RBC

Justin is the Director of confidential computing at the Royal Bank of Canada. He works with the Solution Acceleration and Innovation department, where he leads technology for RBC's data clean room platform.

Parsa Attari

Parsa Attari

Co-Founder, Portal Labs

Parsa is one of the co-founders of Portal Labs, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure provider. His robust background includes cybersecurity across various sectors, including roles at Brex and Segment.

At Portal Labs, Parsa led the product and engineering teams, focusing on creating secure, scalable, and innovative blockchain solutions. He has been involved in merging confidential computing and cryptography to maintain the agility essential for a startup while simultaneously upholding our commitment to security.

Parsa is also a proud alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley.