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Closing the Gap

June 5, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Imperial Room B

As AI transcends the data center and enhances our lives in remarkable ways, we need primitives to guarantee our data is used responsibly. From supply chain, to the Confidential VM and the application itself, this diverse AI landscape requires a robust security story. This talk will take apart an end-to-end AI use case that will benefit from Confidential Computing and look at the implications to the overall hardware and software architectures. We will present best practices when planning a deployment. Finally, we will discuss Arm’s technological contributions and open-source ecosystem leadership to make end-to-end security and privacy the new reality.

About the speaker

Nathaniel McCallum

Nathaniel McCallum

Principal Software Architect, Arm

Nathaniel is a Principal Software Architect at Arm where he uses his 20 years of technological innovation experience in application and operating system development, security and cryptography. When off the clock, he spends time with his loving wife and five children. For fun he dabbles in AI and the texts of the classical world.