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Enterprise GenAI: Confidential and Nimble

June 6, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Imperial Room B

As enterprises adopt Generative AI, it is crucial to secure these high-value models. Threats to highly sensitive training data, model theft, and sensitive data leakage may become impediments to business transformation. Confidential computing offers a foundation to address AI security challenges with isolation and verification while helping address concerns around privacy, provenance, and access control for models, parameters, and data. In this talk, you will learn how Intel® Xeon® platforms are well suited for nimble and confidential AI enabled by Intel Trusted Execution Environments, Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX), and upcoming scaling to GPUs and other accelerators with Intel® TDX Connect.

About the speaker

Mona Vij

Mona Vij

Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Labs

Mona Vij is a Senior Principal Engineer and Cloud and Data Center Security Research Manager at Intel Labs, where she focuses on pervasive confidential computing for end-to-end cloud-to-edge security. Mona's research interests primarily include trusted computing, virtualization, device drivers, and operating systems.