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The Intersection of Confidential Computing and Zero Trust

June 5, 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Imperial Room B

Zero Trust implementations have been challenging due to the complexity of applying end-to-end least privilege access across enterprises’ digital infrastructure. While Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and other access solutions have made great progress in verifying the access request, there is still a gap in verifying the network resource being accessed. Ironically, this lack of two-way verification forces many organizations to implicitly trust their computing resources – violating Zero Trust's central tenet of no implicit trust.

Confidential Computing, such as Intel Trust Services, provides workload verification as part of an end-to-end Zero Trust architecture –facilitating a "never trust, always verify" security strategy. Intel offers hardware-based isolation and encryption for attestation of computing confidentiality and integrity at scale. When used with SASE and other access solutions, Intel Confidential Computing solutions help ensure that every access attempt is thoroughly verified – from end-to-end.

Join us to understand how Intel Trust Services, Zero Trust, and Confidential Computing intersect to create a robust security framework. Discover best practices for implementing these technologies and safeguarding your data against modern threats.

About the speaker

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy

Field CISO Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Intel

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy is the Field CISO at Intel's Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, where he is the

global Zero Trust Practice Leader – developing solutions that ensure trusted digital experiences for better

business outcomes. Intel delivers AI anywhere, with built in security and safety – helping enterprises

create new and better ways for their customers, partners and employees to interact with their brand.

His 25+ year career spans tenure as Fortinet's Global Field CISO, and at Verizon, where he was the

Security CTO responsible for partnerships, the Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center, and the annual Verizon

Data Breach Investigations Report. Jonathan was also the GM of Verizon's Managed Security Services

business unit – leading over 500 security professionals, supporting thousands of customers around the


Before joining to Verizon, Jonathan served with the U.S. Foreign Service in Central America working on

economic development and disarmament initiatives. He is a widely published security expert and an

award-winning industry speaker. Jonathan holds a BA in International Economics and an MBA in IT

Marketing and International Business from the George Washington University.