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The Need for Speed: How Confidential Computing Accelerates UX

June 5, 1:50 PM - 2:10 PM
Imperial Room A

This session will explain how Portal leverages confidential computing to unlock exceptional user experiences (UX) for our customers. This challenge falls into two main categories: Performance and UX flows.

On the performance side, confidential computing allows us to streamline computations that typically take a long time on the client side by moving them to the server side. Since we use confidential computing, we still ensure trustlessness in our offering through attestation. This approach has enabled us to achieve up to a 10x increase in speed in our signature generation protocols.

In today's world, how users access their data is crucial. One of the key challenges for us has been balancing the users' control over the keys to their assets while also abstracting storage away from them. For example, with a single Face ID scan, they can gain access to their keys. On top of this, we aimed to leverage the distributed trust nature of Multi-Party Computation (MPC). We discovered that a combination of confidential computing and technologies such as passkeys strikes the balance we were looking for.

This session will also delve into detail about how we optimized our computation and made the UX flows as simple as performing a Face ID scan, all by leveraging confidential computing.

About the speaker

Parsa Attari

Parsa Attari

Co-Founder, Portal Labs

Parsa is one of the co-founders of Portal Labs, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure provider. His robust background includes cybersecurity across various sectors, including roles at Brex and Segment.

At Portal Labs, Parsa led the product and engineering teams, focusing on creating secure, scalable, and innovative blockchain solutions. He has been involved in merging confidential computing and cryptography to maintain the agility essential for a startup while simultaneously upholding our commitment to security.

Parsa is also a proud alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley.