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Towards the Goal of Confidential Computing (CC) Ubiquity -- Interoperability Efforts by Microsoft and Intel Towards Attestation Standardization

June 5, 3:05 PM - 3:25 PM
Imperial Room A

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of Confidential VMs (CVMs) with Intel TDX at the Nov 2023 MS-Ignite conference. A fundamental aspect of CVMs lies in empowering the customers to verify trustworthiness through the process of remote attestation. Customers can choose from different verifiers, such as CSP-offered services like Microsoft Azure Attestation, third-party services like Intel Trust Authority, or via security ISVs, etc. Regardless of the verifier employed, it is critical to enable seamless interoperability among these verifiers to ensure that downstream consuming services, also known as relying parties, can uniformly access and utilize the attestation results. This joint session from Microsoft and Intel will focus on our collaborative efforts in achieving interoperability, specifically with attestation result formats of TDX CVMs and the IETF draft on the TDX shared EAT profile.

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